About the Blog

Ever since I began gaming in the early eighties I've mostly been the Game Master. It was that way all through college and for the meandering years that followed. But eventually most of my main gaming group went away. I got a wife, a house and a real job. I have a group I play with now but for various reasons I never got to run anything for nearly five years. Even now that I'm running a game for them I'm realizing that my style of play was good for back when everyone was underemployed. I always ran the ongoing, open world epics that regular weekly (or more!) sessions could make faster work of, but now we're lucky to get two three-hour sessions in a month and we like to switch out games frequently. While I may get to run a game again some time, I doubt it will be anything like I used to run. Such is getting older.

But I have notebooks. Notebooks that I filled while sitting for hours taking calls from irate AT&T customers. Notebooks that I filled in the years while I had nothing better to do than plan. Notebooks full of games and settings I'll probably never get to use.

So I'll put them here. I doubt many people will see them but perhaps someone might get some use or mild entertainment out of it. If you're reading this, I hope you find something of worth to you.


  1. Love it, using your Chaos Scar notes. Hope you come back to this one day.

  2. Thanks! Maybe someday. I'm currently overproducing material for the clockwork jungle game I'm running. That may begin to show up here.