Monday, August 18, 2014

The Chaos Scar - Map

The following is a map of the Chaos Scar with all of the adventure locations on it. I'll admit to lifting the base map from here as it was a cleaner slate to work with.

A few notes:

  • If an adventure isn't listed, it is because it is a "could happen anywhere" adventure like 1h-Eyes in the Forest.
  • Some adventures use multiple locations, like 5a-The Slaver's Stone. These multiple locations are labeled but not keyed for that specific adventure.

Wilderness Travel

First have the party determine what route they are taking. They may take the direct route, they may choose to follow the road for a while first.

For simplicity's sake, assume the party can move 20 miles per day. As the challenge progresses this may be reduced - you can almost think of them as 20 movement points. Once the party has used their 20 miles the day is over and they must make camp or risk travel at night.

As the party travels along their path (or assumed path) use the following costs against their miles per day:
Road - No adjustment
Open ground - No adjustment but can become lost
Forest, small - Cost 2 miles to travel through; any forest square with open ground adjacent
Forest, large - Costs 3 miles to travel through; any forest square surrounded by other forest
Exploration Mode - Costs an additional mile to the normal travel rate; party is taking the time to thoroughly explore their surroundings
Stealth Mode - Costs an additional mile to the normal travel rate; party is taking the time to try and not be noticed

Getting Lost
It is assumed that the party has a map similar to the player's map handout so getting lost is really only an issue when they can't see their surroundings - in deep forest or at night. In these cases require a moderate Nature check each square traveled. A failure results in them going off course to the 1-3: left or 4-6: right. Once they are in a place where they can see clearly again, they can easily get back on course, though.

Encounters and Events
At 5, 10, 15 and 20miles roll 1d6. If the party is in Stealth mode, subtract 1 from the roll. If the party is in Exploration mode, add 1 to the roll but they gain surprise. Something exciting occurs on 5 or 6. The next part will detail wilderness events in the Scar.

Finding Things
If the party is in Exploration mode they automatically find any encounter location if they are in the square adjacent to it. Otherwise they need to enter that location's square in order to find it.

It is assumed the party are experienced enough adventurers to competently set up a camp with a watch in the wilderness. There are two event checks over the night. However a hard Nature check may allow their camp to be considered as being in Stealth mode for the check and a hard Endurance check allows a double watch that counts them in Exploration mode.

Travel at Night
If the party decides to travel at night they can get up to an additional 15 miles of movement. However for each 5 miles they use they must make an easy then moderate then hard Endurance check or lose a healing surge. They also lose the benefits of a long rest and can become lost. There is an event check each 5 miles.

Most of the heavy lifting here is going to occur in the Events section. What is important here is the currency the party uses, their miles or movement. Taking more time will give them more advantages with events and encounters but it will also subject them to more opportunities for things to happen.

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