Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aberrations - Introduction

The last setting was recent enough to exist in Evernote. Now I'm breaking out the notebooks.
Let's see - first is a few pages notes for a new Omega story. Not appropriate. Next is the massive Kill Your Gods game... I actually may convince our group to let me run that, assuming I'm ever allowed behind the screen again, so I'll hold off. Next is... beholder world!

Okay, a little background. Years and years ago I found a map of a little region that was called either Stanfolde or Middlond. It was just a single portion of the map I linked to. I found this map to be evocative of a story, one where all civilization beyond the river had fallen. A friend and I came up with a Diablo-like setting of with fallen kingdom, an army of demons and Lucifer's attempted return to the world. Probably the best campaign I've been involved in and it actually ended when it needed to. If I run out of non-used worlds to talk about I might post it.

Anyways, since the little piece of map we had was only a little piece, we had to wave away what was beyond it. What's to the east? An empire of wealth beyond your imagining. What's to the west? Another fabulous empire. The north? Hordes of barbarians. To the south? Halflngs. Cannibalistic halflings.

After the campaign was over Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Productions posted more of the region that the map came from - about half of the area was done in the same style now. I immediately began thinking of more things to do with these new maps. One was to expand the Stanfolde campaign into a larger world, but that seemed a little boring.

I had just read a book on beholders - sadly I can't remember which one - that focused on them being of the Void. I drew some inspiration from that, combined it with the fallen empires feel of the maps and came up with what is below. In the larger scheme of things it probably isn't all that original but it was fun to come up with. In coming posts you may notice that this map sees a lot of work. In fact, assume any setting that doesn't specify a map to be using some form of this one. I love it that much. Kinda feel bad that none if it lines up with the intents of the original creator.

That's enough blabbing about stuff you probably don't care about. So much that'll make this an "introduction" post and start the actual setting separately. How do I write blog?

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