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Aberrations - Part 2


(These refer the the western portion of this map.)

North and South Alor
Alor was an influential kingdom before the beholders took over. It still isn't united like it used to be but the city state of Micelburg has enough influence over the area that it probably won't be long before they decide they're worthy of calling themselves a kingdom again. The Alor region is very dragon friendly and intolerant of the Void. They were directly aided by the Council of Alucinor and still feel beholden to them. While respectful of the Old Faith, especially in the outlying regions, Micelburg itself has become much more urbane and commerce oriented. They profess to be practical in all things but they're successful enough to afford the luxury of driving out any eye-kin in the area. The city of Micelburg is a monument to independence as they have torn down all of the aberrant architecture and replaced it with a city of human and elven design.

Highland Heath
The highlands were lightly touched by the beholders as the population was low. The hills were a refuge for followers of the Old Faith and it is very strong in the villages here. Beholder eye-towers still dot the landscape in remote areas and the cities still make due with some large rounded doorways but much has been torn down and replaced with simple wooden structures for the time being.

A island of material element worshiping elves and humans with a high dragonborn population. Their stronghold is at Arbor Turris and houses the Council of Alucinor where the plans for the revolt were hatched. The people who live here are almost considered to be a breed unto themselves, haven taken in so much draconic teachings and power, and are referred to as Alucain. A monument called Sol Fala appeared here before the revolt and is said by the dragonborn to be a monument to their masters and proof that they belong in the land.

This area is mostly controlled by the city-state of Suthgeard. A rugged place at the border of civilization, the people of this region saw little help from the Alucain and suffered a great deal of loss during the revolt. The Suthgeardians take whatever help is available and use whatever they can get their hands on. The Old Faith is strong here and use of Void magic is tolerated, as are eye-kin. Suthgeard itself is still largely of aberrant design with humanoid touches - towers that originally had 10' round holes in the floor instead of staircases now have makeshift wooden stairs, massive 10' round doorways are nailed shut with smaller doors cut out of them.

The Iron Ring
The dwarves never fell to the beholders and held fast in their keep of Nurognurtz. When the revolt began they crossed the southern waste and gave aid to rebels in Middlond when the Alucain didn't. Now that the beholders are gone they have retreated back into their keeps, though now they have expanded out into what had once been the kingdom of Ridnath and use it as their bread basket. A caste system has evolved where miners, smiths and other more dwarfly professions are treated like lords over those who farm and work outside. The dwarves have never cared much for the Old Faith and practice their own form of elemental worship which they keep closely guarded.

Carrdun, Hargaldor and beyond
These lands are wild, frightening places where all sorts of abominations lurk. Many think the beholders retreated to this area. Other say it is simply the dumping grounds for their failed experiments. It might be both.

This area was completely destroyed during the beholders' last gasps. All the non-void residents of these places were killed and the buildings were terribly damaged. Strange aberrations wander about the ruins. It is not considered a safe place to be, but it may one day need to be reclaimed.

Lands to the East
Beyond Stanfolde are borderlands where few people lived to begin with. It is unknown what lies beyond. The dragonborn say that the people there who survived have also begun to rebuild under the tutelage of the dragons.. This has been confirmed by some travelers who have made the perilous journey back and forth. There are rumors that things are not so rosy, but travelers who have those tales to tell can never seem to be found after making their supposed claims.

Next time the conflicts and underground currents of the setting...

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