Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aberrations - Part 3


The Old Faith - Essentially druidic nature worship. They focus on the element of Life. There is no actual hierarchy but followers are welcoming of each other and do what they can to aid in times of trouble.

The Alucain - Users of draconic elemental magic. They also try to act as a "civilizing" influence upon the region. In some places they are welcomed as heroes and sages. In others they are seen as arrogant newcomers.

The Voidtouched - Not an organization per say but the voidtouched often stick together. Sometimes it is in ghettos of large cities and sometimes in wandering caravans. Some suspect them of having a secret network to aid their former masters and that increases the distrust.

The Bardic School - This school was established in Suthgeard in order to uncover and preserve the lost knowledge and civilization of the humanoid peoples. They often acts as a unifying force and are called upon as mediators when the Alucain aren't trusted by one of the parties.

The Beholders

The beholders weren't all killed. Many still lurk in the dark corners of the land. Now that they are toppled from power, they have withdrawn into the factions that more reflect their nature. (FWIW I'm not sure if these groups were my own creation or from the PDF that inspired me. The brief notes make me think the latter.)

The Consuming Eye - The Beholders who simply want to exist for their own comfort now that they no longer have any responsibilities.
The Eternal Vigil - Beholders who are holed up like survivalists and waiting for the final assault to begin.
The Final Forge - Beholders that wish to regain their lost empire.
The First Eye - Acts the their shock troops.
The Flesh Reborn - Beholders who seek to replace Life with Void in the world.
The Dominion of Revelations - The Oracles who wait and watch.

There are also still beholder cults who await their masters' return. They befriend the aberrations that roam the land and seem to have a special touch with them.

The Dragons

The dragons are not idle. They have dominated the lands to the east in various ways, splitting the region up into various draconic holdings. While the metallic rulers are more benevolent than the chromatic tyrants, it is not lost on the humanoid who live there that they have thrown one set of shackles off for another.

In the West, the dragonborn act as the ambassadors for the dragons. While many do no know it, they are there to prepare the west and it more amicable to draconic rule. Once the dragons arrive they may not be pleased with the way they have been used.

Adventures and Conflicts

Adventurers are needed in this world to keep the horrors created by the beholders at bay, at the least. There are many ruins that need to be explored and cleared for rehabilitation (any many treasures left behind by the beholders.) Beyond that there are many conflicts that can be used to create adventure seeds and motion within the world.

The Alucain vs. the Old Faith - While these sides are not in direct conflict there is a good deal of tension. Suthgeard and the Iron Ring doesn't trust the dragons. The Alucain think the Old Faith wasn't strong enough to gain freedom and isn't work preserving.

Persecution of the Voidtouched - The voidtouched are a tricky problem. Those with a more religious bent consider them innately corrupted but more practical minds see they have free will and chose to rebel. It doesn't help that some ARE still in secret service to their old masters.

Beholders in the Shadows - Various groups of the old masters scheme for their return, revenge or just their own inexplicable purposes. They are threat that exists in every shadow, but they also are one than is intelligent enough to be reasoned with.

Encroaching Dragons - The dragons are coming. Some are benevolent, some are tyrants. All of them are coming to establish themselves are rulers. The Alucain seek to prepare the western lands for this in as peaceful a way as possible, but it is likely Suthgeard and the Iron Ring will never be persuaded. Can the humanoid people retain their freedom?

Final Thoughts

In the big picture of games and game world it is somewhat generic but I think this world would make for a nice change-up for regular players of D&D. Additionally it comes with some built-in world events that can be used to create shorter campaigns with definite goals (which is a good thing for some groups).

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