Friday, April 19, 2013

Tanien - Part 4

The Gods

Chikani - The Uniter. An old Shazak goddess that initially brought the two peoples together to survive. She is the official patron of the Republic but has fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years. She still gets a good deal of lip service from officials and is still loved by the commoners.

Arane - Elven goddess of trade and commerce. Ally and close friend to Chikani, her more practical nature has brought her into greater favor with the government and leaders.

Keelan - Troll god of strength and battle. Originally an exclusive god of the Fairn, he has become more popular in Tanien as his priesthood has opened up more due to Arane's influence.

Blaine - The elven giver of knowledge. Having recovered scraps of the Sidhe's data he is a patron of magic and technology. People aren't quite ready to understand that arcane and divine magic are just advanced technology but he is at least trying to get his priesthood to get the concept.

Bwena - Cayma goddess of craft and industry. Originally a Zadele goddess, she has been heartily embraced by the industrious Tanien. She has brought many Cayma north.

Mulai - Shazak goddess of the Zadele. Her main goal is to keep the descendants of the Koan independent. Rumors circulate in the north that she is secretly allied with the Dark One.

Irian - Elven goddess of the Fairn. Believes in isolation and doesn't trust the descendants of the Koan. Tolerates the Republic when Elven factions seem to be in control.

Shegith - Siban Troll god of the afterlife. All of the above gods have entrusted him with sorting out people as they arrive in the Grid. Stern and impartial and often sought out as a mediator between the gods.

Niron - Siban god of sadism. A cayma who enjoys watching others suffer. His following is small and underground.

Tyris - The Dark God, the Dragon. No one knows where he came from but he is a dragon and is very dangerous and powerful. He has made successful raids upon the domains of lesser gods and devoured the souls of their followers. His cult is secretive and somehow evades Shegith upon death. All the gods are aligned against him.
(Just noticed that I had a dragon eating souls in the afterlife a decade before Skyrim. Take that, Bethesda!)

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