Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tanien - Part 2

The Setting

(The map I had used for this region was actually just a geological map of Louisiana with some dots for settlements and a line for where the glaciers began. The Tanien River is actually the Mississippi. I lost the map some time ago but I did my best to reproduce it here.)

Since the two main breeds of people were so different and had ancestors that were at war with one another there was a great deal of violence early on. Fortunately the most isolationist of the races tended to live in places that the other race avoided. These isolationists (mostly in warm swamps or cold forests) tended to stagnate in growth while those who cooperated began advancing. A few gods had appeared by this time, usually acting as a patron for one budding culture or another.

The bi-racial civilization that built up along the main river developed the fastest. Initially it consisted of a number of city-states until one began influencing the others. There were wars, of course, but eventually a nation was born - a republic at that. Slowly the swamp and forest communities have begun to organize and open up and are considered part of this new nation. There are lands east and west in which trade has been established.

Republic of Tanien - Afro-Athens - The river republic - Irish names (I guess the elves named everything)
Free Zedele Peoples - Free plantations - The southern swamps - Berber names
People of Fairn - Celt/Gauls - The northern forests - Celtic names
The Bulu - Nomadic herders - The western grazelands - Nigerian names
The Illian - Simple fishermen - The eastern shoremen - Irish names...
The City-state of Siba - Phoenicia - The eastern city-state - Phoenician names

The main river is the Tanian.
The big bay is called Crenon Bay

Important Places
Arnit - The capitol of the Republic of Tanien. It is situated along the Tanien River and is near Crenan Bay. Houses the Senate and government buildings. A metropolis of 20,000 people.

Caen - The second largest city in the republic. Sits on the Tanien River and Zirom Bay. They don't have to deal with the Siba to use the ocean but the land is so marshy that the city's prospects are otherwise limited.

Datha - Located at the mouth of the Tanien. A hive of scum and villainy safely tucked away from the capitol. While nominally a part of the republic it is heavily influenced by the Zadele.

Irian - The farthest northern town along the Tanien. Mostly acts as a place to trade with the Fairn.

Artach - The largest settlement of the Fairn and home to their most powerful node. The religious center of the northlands.

Yoba - The main trading hub for the Bulu and their religious center. While not part of the republic many Bulu suspect the town is becoming more heavily influenced by the ways of outsiders.

Siba - An independent city state at the mouth of Crenan Bay. It controls all commerce in and out and rules the oceans.

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