Sunday, June 2, 2013

Landfall - Part 2

There are probably things I would rearrange in this setting if I were to try it out. However the possibility for exceedingly high levels of sci-fi Lovecraftian Tolkienesque fantasy gonzo would have to be kept in.

Valaran Republic
Dubbed "the great experiment", a group of Oans are trying to establish a nation where the locals are technologically advancing in a natural way instead of just handing them blasters. Currently it is a steam-powered republic. Consists mostly of hobbits, dwarves, Oans and Dogon.

The largest and most technologically advances city. Located in the center of the grounded fleets. It has become a clearinghouse metropolis of all races and techs amid massive grounded spaceships. A clan of elven hunters venture out from a small frigate and meetup with some Dogon on their hover-bikes. Each grounded ship is a community. Ruled by a city council that has representatives from each community.

The largest elven kingdom. Old school, uncompromising.

Glittering Mountains
The dwarfliest of the dwarves live here much like the elves live in Arbalorn.

A more progressive elven community. Accepts newcomers who want to stay and exchanges information.

The Towers
A wrecked Confederation battle group marks this land swarming with goblins and worse. Acts as a defensive barrier into Confederation lands.

A fully functional Federation outpost that watches the towers for signs of major activity.

Pride Plains
Many Kzinti have reverted to their tribal ways and now live as nomads beyond the Towers.

The Hive
Mountains near the Towers. Home to the Mi-Go and their goblin slaves (and other manufactured horrors). Seems Confederation allied but no one can be sure.

Independent city-state in and around a crashed Confederation battlecruiser. A hive of scum and villainy but also a fantastic place to trade and make shady deals. Many civilized goblins live here along with less scrupulous newcomers. The town is run by an unknown strongman who lets business go as it may but has his own motives.

Once home to the proudest and greatest clan of elves. Now they have taken to technology and gone underground leaving their old home as a zoo for their biological and mechanical creations.

Serrated Hills
Homeland of goblin-kind and many giants. Now being organized by Confederation loyalists.

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