Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Thing

I had put this together for a sort of post-technology hex/dungeon crawl outline. It could work for post apocalypse or "there used to be advanced tech" fantasy settings. I believe this was intended for the "1600's explorers among electrotech ruins" Radiance game. Also seems fairly relevant after playing A Dark Room.

Each bolded location is essentially a small dungeon that often has sub levels. Lots of levels can't be accessed until other areas are accessed. Eventually four new campaigning areas are opened up - The Sky City, The Underdark, Beyond the Gate and Spaaaaacccccceeeeee!

The Keytower - Above ground. Open.
This tower is an old security station that holds the entrance keys for all the local facilities.

The Power Station - Above Ground. Keylocked.
A power station where batteries were charged. There is a small hand crank generator that can slowly charge up batteries. A larger generator that supplies power to the region is below ground.
Level P1 - Generator. Underground. Needs Generator codes. 
The Switch is here. It turns on the generator.

Skyfall - Above ground. Open.
A city that once flew in the clouds crashed to earth.
The Palace - Above ground. Need the Switch to be thrown.
Government codes here.

Military Base - Above Ground. Open.
There are some buildings still standing but there isn't much use there.
Level M1 - Armory. Needs keycard and a battery to access.
Ancient weapons are kept here.
Level M2 - Research lab.
Science codes are here. Has Generator access.

Biological Research Facility - Above ground. Open.
The above ground facility is plagued by mutants.
Some above ground buildings need a keycard and power.
Level B1 - Storage.
Level B2 - Labs. Needs Science codes. Has Generator access.
Level B3 - Menagerie. Has Warrens access.

Energy Research Facility - Above ground. Needs Science codes.
Level E1 - Control station. Generator codes are here.
Level E2 - Experimental power station. Needs Generator codes.

Launch Pad - Above ground. Open.
Above ground is mostly empty and bare.
Level 1 - Underground hangar. Needs Launch codes.

Engine Testing Labs - Underground. Accessed from Generator.
Level T1 - Control station. Launch codes here.
Level T2 - Testing area.

Trans-Dimensional Labs - Underground. Accessed from Generator.
Level D1 - Offices and math cubes.
Level D2 - Labs. Needs Government codes.
Level D3 - Local portals.
Level D4 - The Gate. Needs personal code. Has warrens access.

The Sky City - Several thousand feet above ground. Needs flight or portal to access.
Personal codes are here. This can be an all new adventure site destination.

The Warrens - Underground.
Leads to Underdark or other subterranean adventure destination.

Beyond the Gate
Leads to... somewhere.

The Voidship  - Underground. From the launchpad.

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