Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mysteries of the Left Handed King - Part 1

This is basically a straight up Call of Cthulhu scenario. It is probably more likely to be played at some point than many other choices but I've discovered some notebooks are missing. Most notably the ones with the Kung Fu Star Wars and Dwarven legends. I'll call them up from memory if I have to.

I believe this was created around the time I got my hands on d20 Call of Cthulhu. I know the original campaign structure this sprang from, the Gilchrist Trust, came from that book. I had also picked up some Hogshead Games FBI books, too, so I'm guessing this was supposed to be a sort of X-Files setup with the players being federal agents. Specifically they were replacing a team that had previously been wiped out...

Robert Bissel's Case

The initial investigative team:
  • Robert Bissel, the team leader
  • Jared Lane, the forensic MD
  • Wendi Harrow, investigator
  • Johnathan Willcox, cult specialist
They began with an investigation into the kidnapping of flutist Cheryl Billimek. No ransom or other typical motivations seemed to be involved. They traced her kidnapping back to a cult called the Invisible Mask. Cheryl was killed during the attempted rescue but whatever the cult was trying to do was halted. They also gained possession of the cult's holy book, the Regum Sinester Mysterium, which Johnathan began to study since there was evidence that more of these cultists were on the loose.

Shortly afterwards Robert's daughter, Angela, was kidnapped and his wife Felicia was murdered. A note was left indicating that it was retribution for his actions against the Invisible Mask and his daughter would act as Cheryl's replacement in their ritual. Robert was officially taken off the case but was covertly included by his teammates.

Agent Willcox, who's reading of the Regum Sinester Mysterium was slowing warping his mind, managed to decipher when the cult's ritual would be and where. The agents, including Robert, assaulted the cultists. Accounts are confused, but only Robert and Johnathan survived and Johnathan was gibbering mad. Angela was missing, taken away by "a tall, dark man" according to Robert. The team was retired and a new one hired.

What Happened
According to the Regum Sinester Mysterium, the Left Handed King has three aspects: an Invisible Mask, a Bloody Hand and a Wounded Foot. Each is a path to the King's secrets. The Mask follows a path of appeasement, the Hand of sacrifice and the Foot of travel.

The Mask members Robert faced intended to offer a flute player for Azathoth's entertainment. Angela was been taken by Nyarlathotep to join Azathoth's entourage. Robert, driven mad with grief, thinks he can get her back.

What Robert is Doing
In order to get his daughter back via the Bloody Hand, Robert needs to acquire a copy of the Regum Sinester Mysterium, collect the liver and pineal glands of five victims and hold a ritual at the appointed time. His fellow cultists do the work for him and one has established himself in the leadership of the Power of Self Society.

Things to learn about Robert On the Way
  • Initial reading of the book
  • Official account of Robert's case
  • Info on Azathoth and his attendants
  • Info on Nyarlathotep and the Left Handed King
  • Info about Angela (she's a flute player)
  • Info on summoning Nyarlathotep in King form, his duties
Who Lost Something?
The theme of this campaign is the lengths one would go to get back something they lost. Each character must have lost one of the following:
  • a family heirloom
  • a loved one (dead)
  • a pet has gone missing
  • a cherished book
  • a body part (hair, finger, hearing, leg - minor or major doesn't matter)

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