Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Slith Script

One of the games that is more of a gestating idea than anything is an exploration/hexcrawl using the Radiance RPG. It would have involved Enlightenment era explorers landing on an undiscovered land of ruined steam and electro-tech civilizations. I didn't get too far but I figured the dwarves would be the steam-powered civilization and the Slith would be the alien electro-tech. Very Elder Scroll/Dwemer inspired.

For some reason I got completely distracted by creating an alphabet for the Slith. Probably because I had discovered the Elian Script and turned the Language Construction Kit on it. I didn't go full Abinar... I'll tell you about Abinar later. What I came up with is below. It uses the Elian script with a custom set of sounds and a probably not well thought out script for numbers.

They had four fingers on each hand and their numbering system was octal. The 0 in the alphabet above was used only when referring to the empty set.

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